Calendar for the Fall 2013 Semester

Date Location Event Information
Wednesday, September 18
5:30 PM
Rock 301 Prof. Jesse Berezovsky
How to break RSA encryption
Flyer · Abstract
Friday, October 25
12:30 PM
Outside Strosacker Annual Pumpkin Drop
Has the graviational constant changed over fall break?
Wednesday, October 30
5:30 PM
Rock 309 Prof. Andrew Tolley
Black Holes and Holography
Flyer · Abstract

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Directions to our telescope:

  1. Walk into Strosacker from the side facing the spitball (the main doors), head to the right, and go into the cut-through leading to the far side of the building.

  2. The first door on your right will let you into AW Smith. Head through it.

  3. Make your way down the hallway until you see an elevator on your right. Get in, and head to the fourth floor.

  4. Walk out and turn right. Go to the end of the hall and go through the doors on the left to enter a staircase.

  5. Take that to the top. The door leading out to the roof will be on your immediate right, most likely open.

  6. The telescope is inside a dome, which will be plain to see. Be careful coming in, as it will be dark inside.

The Case Western Reserve University Physics and Astronomy Club is an academic organization, sponsered by USG and the CWRU Alumni Association, whose main purpose is to promote interest in physics and astronomy to all members of the CWRU community. Club membership is open to all members of the CWRU student body and all meetings will be open to all members of the CWRU community.

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